A Lovely Day

I took a walk the other morning, through a beach neighborhood where I was house sitting. And dog sitting—two Zuchons named Rusty and Zeus. Rusty with the underbite, Zeus with the Maybelline eyelashes. Before the walk, I scooped a 1/2 cup of kibble into each of their dishes and mixed in some foul smelling mush. I myself sucked down some poorly made coffee and devoured a toasted slice of rye while they ate. Why the rush? No reason. A permanent sense of urgency. Must be where I grew up—or who grew me up. 

I then left for this overemphasized walk after a quick face-splashing. It was 7am at this point—the dogs scared the shit out of me by leaping onto my chest at around 5, so an irritable 2 hours or so had already passed. I slipped on my Birkenstocks and tossed the plastic-wrapped newspaper on the door mat into the house as I headed out with the 2 leashed dogs. 

The air was thick with humidity and abuzz with sounds of birds chirping and cars starting. People sat on porches, but I didn’t. 

I wandered up hills and over bumps. Belly giggles echoed from cracked windows, from kids and elders alike. I passed the bakery with the picnic table and big orange sculpture outside, where vacationers hung and munched on wood-fired bagels and buttered scones. Scratch Bakery—up to scratch. 

I thought of Lovely Day—Bill Withers. 

And as I wandered, I wondered. I want to take things slow like I used to. My latte routine; the spontaneous stops for photo-ops; counted breaths not countered by numbered steps. 

So what am I running toward? Pushing for? Where lies the barrier between enjoying a morning coffee/conversation/card game on the porch and…wistfully considering those conditions from the sidewalk—with two yappy canines aboard, bagged shit in my hand and my head, and a desire-deficient heart inside?

Myself and my two buddies for the week made our way back to the house and climbed the steep steps. I wondered who my buddies would be in the future—who would I be balcony bagel-eating and board-gaming with when the time comes? When I’m ready? I hope to one day find my people that want to experience these kindsof lovely days too, perhaps with me—whether it’s margs and movies, cappuccinos and kite-flying, silly supers and scavenger hunts, etc.

Well, have a lovely day!

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