Craving Creators

Out of all of the social media platforms, I spend the most time browsing Instagram and watching YouTube videos. Some days, more time is spent surfing than others. And some days, that endless scrolling is problematic and unhealthy. But there are some days when diving into online content is refreshing, inspiring, hilarious, and/or just needed.

I figured I’d compile a list of my favorite creators to follow, of which covers a broad range of themes/niches. Regardless of your personal interests, these are all people that produce quality and/or interesting content (not necessarily both) that I think are worth checking out!


  • @irisapatow @maudeapatow (Leslie Mann/Judd Apatow’s daughters)
  • @gabyscelzo (FOOD)
  • @wearilive (fashion/NYC living — YouTube too!)
  • @alyssainthecity (fashion)
  • @emmacraft (fashion/photography)
  • @jenbretty (body positivity/ED recovery — YouTube too!)
  • @lisasaysgah (fashion)
  • @killerandasweetthang (fashion/sex ed)
  • @abbey_lossing (graphic designer/illustrator)
  • @gracepiehl (model)
  • @jeannedamas (model/fashion/entrepreneur) 
  • @sonnyturner__ (body positivity)
  • @maximilianehansen (fashion/lifestyle/travel)
  • @bymariandrew (writer/illustrator/NYC)
  • @thenakediaries (body positivity)
  • @rupikaur_ (poet)
  • @textsfromyourex (comedy)
  • @jiffpom (dog)
  • @tchalamet (actor)
  • @chrissyteigen (...Chrissy Teigen)
  • @rachellecunning (artist/lifestyle)
  • @manrepeller (fashion blog)
  • @daynafrazer (model/lifestyle)
  • @kesangthenailartist (nail artist)
  • @ruthiebarone (makeup artist)
  • @cocoaflowerr (model)
  • @stephaniebroek (fashion)
  • @kellikikcio (tattoo artist)
  • @tilfrances (fashion/styling/lifestyle)
  • @__jesschen__ (tattoo artist)
  • @nanushka (fashion/clothing brand)
  • @smashleyallnite (fashion/lifestyle)



  • Duan Mackenzie
  • Emma Chamberlin
  • Shane Dawson
  • Natacha Océane
  • David Dobrik
  • Cartia Mallan
  • LaMadelynn
  • Jenn Im
  • Alex Ernst
  • Grace Fit UK (Instagram too)
  • Jessica Clements
  • Estée Lalonde
  • Arden Rose

*Thumbnail image source=Pinterest

Libby King