WHERE TO EAT IN SEATTLE—1/3: Street Bean Coffee

Written on April 21, 2016

As I mentioned in my most recent post, I've decided to feature some of my favorite food spots in Seattle individually, as clumping them together in one post feels belittling to each of the restaurant's individuality. Thus, I'm kicking things off with one of my favorite coffee shops we visited in Belltown — Street Bean Coffee. Visit them at: 2711 3rd Ave.


According to their site: 

"We are a nonprofit multi-roaster coffee shop providing opportunity for street-involved young people to reclaim their lives, one cup at a time."

(Read more HERE)

Delicious coffee AND a wonderful, community-helping cause? What could be better!?


The shop's interior is incredibly well done — it's cozy yet minimalistic with an abundance of raw wood, natural light, and open space. Surprisingly, I didn't get a coffee at Street Bean, as I was really craving a soy chai latte (sounds pretentious, I know — but you have to try this deliciously sweet yet spicy concoction). It was one of the best chai lattes that I've ever had and — trust me — I've had my fair share of chai varieties. We also got a "French Toast Doughnut" to share (pictured above), and it was even more delicious than it sounds. My aunt got a double espresso and could not stop raving about it. So...Street Bean? A HUGE success (as proven by the last picture)...


Follow Street Bean Espresso on Instagram: www.instagram.com/streetbeancoffee

& get ready for post #2 of this series, coming your way soon! What's your favorite local coffee shop (wherever you are in the world)?