The Importance of Slow Living

Written on October 11, 2015

Right now, you are in motion. Although you may be physically stationary (as I am currently -- joined by my laptop and my favorite blanket), you're positioned upon a moving mass. Our earth, without cease, is rotating on its axis. This is true now; this was true seven seconds ago; and this will be true tomorrow morning. Quick disclaimer: this post is not intended to be a recitation of an elementary level science lesson. Instead, this post's aim is to make you think; contemplate; ponder.


I took some time to think the other day. In the process, I came to a multifaceted realization, simple yet perplexing: 1) I've been moving too fast lately and 2) I don't even know where I'm trying to go. For example, I can never seem to make a substantial dent in my towering pile of work, yet I spend hours upon hours plugging away each day. Routinely, I go to bed discouraged and overwhelmed by what I didn't get to (as opposed to feeling pride in what I actually did accomplish). The fact that I cognitively had to set aside time to think this other day was a sign in and of itself: I need to slow down.


I appreciate vivid moments. I value sensory experience. I cherish toe-tingling memories. I want to look back on this post a year from now and be proud of whatever progress I will have made. I want to look back on this time of year and remember the scents I smelled, the sights I saw, and the sun and the smiles that I savored. Cringingly cliché, I know. However, it terrifies me to think that I'm letting life whirl by, too caught up in the speed of the world around me to simply exist in the here and now.


So this is a challenge for myself. Future Libby: please don't think too far ahead. Please tell the people around you that you love them. Please smile. Please hug. Please laugh. Please accept. Please take life in. Remind yourself of the importance of balance. Love yourself, love others, and love your life.