Summer Playlist

Written on July 20, 2016

Sparkling pavement, salty air, wispy clouds, calloused feet, tangled hair, battered air conditioners, late nights, cold coffee...It has been a wonderful month thus far. I have felt incredibly present—a feeling that is fairly unfamiliar to me. My time has been spent exploring, interacting, creating, engaging, and living.


Music has a way of enhancing my life in a way that no other thing can. That being said, here are some songs that have accompanied me recently whilst...

• picnicking on the promenade—munching on fresh bread and berries

• strolling around downtown, window shopping—feet sweaty and blistering

• sipping my coffee in the sunroom at 9 AM (with no agenda-induced anxiety lingering)

• driving down the highway—windows down and sticky air seeping in...


Embrace slow living, muggy mornings, drippy ice cream cones, and...all that is summer.

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