Praising Portland & Pai Men Miyake

Written on October 20, 2015


I live in a pretty cool place. Often, I overlook this level of "coolness" — the food scene, the artistic flair, the diversity of people. Seeking a change, I spent part of last weekend taking in my surroundings, comprehensively and sensorily: the sights, the scents, and particularly—the TASTES. 


The Miyake restaurants in Portland are quite famous, known for their outstanding, gourmet Japanese cuisine. Saturday, we decided to be a bit more adventurous than normal (by we I mean my family of four)—we ventured downtown for a unusual lunchtime excursion. Unregrettably, we found ourselves at Pai Men Miyake on State Street, stomachs rumbling and chopsticks at the ready. Their menu is fairly small but provides a vast range of options for those with particular dietary needs, varying levels of "pickiness," and perhaps a present desire to branch out and try something new.


Among all of us, we ordered a motley assortment of dishes. Although I'm not exactly sure who ordered what, we ended up with the Edamame (steamed & salted), the Brussels Sprouts (pictured above, seasoned with fish sauce, cilantro, & mint), Sui Gyoza (steamed chicken dumplings), the Kimchee Beef Ramen Bowl, the Shoyu Ramen Bowl, the Shojin Ramen Bowl (what I ordered), and the Tuna Sushi (pictured above). 


Out of all the dishes, the biggest hits seemed to be: the Brussels Sprouts, the Sui Gyoza, and the Tuna Sushi. That being said, everything was a hit—I don't think you can really go wrong: their outstanding reputation is definitely accurately represented in the deliciousness of the dishes. 


I really want to make a stronger effort to explore Portland's food scene. There are supposedly SO many incredibly places that I have yet to try. Thus, this implies that I'll have a reason to photograph and write about more fun eating experiences—what could be better?


You must go to Pai Men Miyake if you live in the area. You won't regret it