3 Places to Escape to When There’s Nowhere to Go

Written on June 17, 2016

When I say “escape,” I don’t necessarily mean from someone or somewhere in particular. At some point or another, we all have that sensation of wanting to scream, “I NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!” I’m an introvert, so this sensation tends to hit often. Simply, I (and all of us) just need a change of scenery sometimes. I’m here to help — here’s 3 places you can go when you’re stuck at home, need to find somewhere to go that’s easily accessible, and are in need of some restoration.


1) The town library

It sounds mundane, I know. You may be thinking, “The last time I visited my local library was for a summer reading program when I was in middle school…?” (at least that was my first thought). However, I’ve been visiting my local library a lot lately and have come to really enjoy the atmosphere. Guess what — you don’t necessarily have to check out a book upon visiting! Personally, I like to bring my laptop and/or my journal and just write. Also, browsing through the abundance of novels and works is actually really enjoyable (being a design lover, it’s really fun to simply admire the book covers’ artwork too). At my library in particular, there’s always some kind of art exhibit up (which can be fun to visit and read about as well). If I still haven’t convinced you, the library is also a fail-proof, wonderful place to people-watch, enjoy some quiet time, and maybe even take a nap…Who says that’s not allowed?


2) The nearest botanical garden, community garden, or nursery

There’s something incredibly healing about being surrounded by greenery. Upon looking it up, the color green “symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility” and “has strong emotional correspondence with safety” (read more here). Also, as simple and obvious as it sounds, being surrounded by life enlivens. Plants radiate so much energy and always induce a rejuvenating sensation within me. Plus, nature encompasses so much beauty — if you’re into photography and/or other forms of art like me, it can be really fun to explore and perceive the beauty of nature through a visual lens. Lastly, if your town or city has a community garden, that’s a great way to get involved with your neighborhood, meet new people, enjoy nature, give back, and so much more.


3) A local coffee shop or cafe

This might be the “most typical” or “least creative” of the three ideas, but my local coffee shop is truly my go-to place when I am in need of a change of scenery. Coffee shops have so much to offer — not only do they allow you to treat yourself to a nice pastry and fulfill your caffeine fix, but also — at coffee shops — you can people-watch, read, write, work, enjoy the sound of milk being steamed, relax with acoustic tunes playing overhead, and/or simply sit. Coffee shops aren’t like other restaurants where the main purpose of going is to eat and leave. The nice thing about coffee shops is that you can linger for as long as you want (well…until they close, that is). I like to switch it up too — I’m always trying out new places locally, absorbing the vibes of new environments, meeting new people, trying new drinks and treats, and so much more. Truly, I cannot fully express just how deep my love for coffee shops extends. Plus, free wifi is always wonderful thing…


Out of these three suggestions, where would you go?