15 of my Favorite Feelings

Written on November 30, 2015

We all have little things that make us smile: objects—moments—feelings. Somehow, feelings seem to get overlooked often. There are many feelings that make me happy, touch upon a certain sentiment (no pun intended), generate a sense of comfort, and so on. Although we all have them, it seems that some people are more perceptive of their own feelings than others. I happen to be quite perceptive of what and when I feel, so I decided I'd share a list of 15 of my favorite feelings—perhaps ones that will resonate with you, spark thought about your own favorite feelings, and/or shed light upon these overlooked wonders overall.


1. The warm feeling on your back when sitting in front of the fireplace

2. When you're so consumed with something or someone that time becomes irrelevant

3. Dipping your toes into a perfectly warm bath (neither too hot nor too cold)

4. Taking in the scent of Mom's clothing

5. Walking at a pace at which your strides precisely match up with the floor's tiles

6. Cliché but...a crispy leaf crunching beneath your foot perfectly

7. The satisfaction of striking a match (and the scent)

8. Complimenting someone and receiving a compliment

9. Tearing (and eating) fresh bread

10. LAUGHING (so hard that your face muscles hurt and your stomach begins to cramp)

11. The nostalgic feeling generated when flipping through old, peeling photo albums

12. Eagerly looking forward to something

13. Changing into leggings/sweatpants/comfortable pants after having jeans on

14. A relaxed and earnest bear hug (not a stiff hug)

15. Love

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