Wandering Without Purpose

Written on August 22, 2015

So many things we do are purposeful. If you're like me, most things you do are thought out; planned; prearranged. Why? I guess it's based on one's individual nature/character. Additionally, how we've been brought up likely influences whether we're more inclined to act on spontaneity or rationality. Either way, I think purposeless acts are beneficial every once in a while. Such acts, big or small, draw upon our inner adventurer. Thus, as I said, it's important to let that person emerge every now and again.


I know—I'm probably boring you with yet another random and weirdly philosophical post. Thereby, I'll do my best to twist it a bit in an effort to increase its interestingness(?). For the majority of my childhood, I went to visit my grandmother on an island for a couple weeks during the summer. It's quite a small island with very little going on. There's the ice cream parlor (the hot spot for locals and vacationers alike), the Island Market (the "grocery" store—with quite a slim selection of groceries...), the Yacht Club (where the wealthy summer-ers mingle), a small, cottagey shop (with overpriced goods that are often, if not always, just admired instead of purchased), and a multitude of beaches (it is an island, after all). Despite the lack of activity, it's a place that has captured my heart since I was very little. Maybe it's just the nostalgia, but there is no denying the beauty of the island itself.


My sister, my dad, and I went up to the Island a couple days ago to visit my Nana. It was a short visit, yet it was incredibly low-key and relaxing. While contemplating what we were going to do, I realized I'd never really appreciated the island for its picturesque and photogenic personality. Or, in other words, I'd never viewed the island in strictly a visual light. So, that's what we did. We hopped in the car, camera in hand, and wandered; explored; photographed. 


I figured I'd share a few of the photos I took. Most likely, this post won't interest you. Nonetheless, I thought it would give me an opportunity to 1) share this beautiful fragment of my childhood and 2) discuss a thought that has been on my mind lately...


It's late August. Many of my friends and people around me are headed off to college and/or where their "lives" take place. They're headed to such places with a purpose in mind, be it schooling, a job, service work, etc. This whirl of migration transpiring around me has caused me to question the purpose of our actions, or what we're naturally inclined to do, that's buried within the simplicity of our obligations. 


I want to challenge myself to wander without purpose more frequently. I want to exercise spontaneity. I want to channel my inner free spirit. Yes, the timing isn't prime with the imminent start of school. But why should we look into our obligations and consider them hinderances? Instead, I want to view my schedule as stability and structure. What I do independent from such structure shouldn't be a source of additional tension—it should be living, and living shouldn't require a plan.


This post was purposeless which, as I'm sure you can tell, is evident by its sporadic nature. My conclusion? Not everything is a final draft—life is a work in process, and the beauty within the roughness of each and every draft is quite remarkable.