Meet My Sister—Interview Series

Written on May 23, 2015


What's your name? 

Grace King

How old are you?

Nineteen. Sometimes I still have to think about that. 


What's your birthday?

April 16, 1996

Where do you go to school? Do you like it?

Saint Lawrence University in Canton, NY. Yes, I like it very much. It took me a while to actually appreciate it. College itself took me a while to get used to, being away from home and being surrounded by people all the time. But my friends and the people that I've met make the experience. 

Can you speak to your passion for music?

Yes (*giggles*). I think it was born out of our dad's appreciation for music. He introduced us to an eclectic variety of music at a young age which has helped us appreciate it for what it is. For me, music is both a social and a very individual thing. I feel very connected to people through music. I also use it to soundtrack my own life. I'm not a very emotional person, and I've found that music is one of the only ways that I can get in touch with my emotional side. I promise, I'm not a serial killer. And it's also very fun. I'm obsessed with concerts. I could talk about this for hours..

You love to travel. Are the any places you haven't visited that are still on your bucket list?
Yes. There are many. I'm very excited to go to Scotland this summer with my family. I think travel is a great way to step outside of your comfort zone. It's also very humbling. I want to go, there are so many places...Australia, Thailand, so many places is Europe: Spain, Italy, Greece, Scandinavia. There are also a lot of natural destinations that I'd love to see (in addition to cities); places like Patagonia, the Norwegian Fjords. The Great Barrier Reef, the Himalayas, and so many more. Even places within my own country like the Pacific Northwest, parts of California, the Midwest, etc. Again, I could go on for hours..

Favorite food?

Ooh the favorite game, your favorite [referencing me]. What, I don't have a favorite food!? How can you pick just one..?

Favorite season/month?

Probably fall would be my favorite season. September is my favorite month. 


Favorite movie? 

"Goodwill Hunting." Am I supposed to have something to say about it?


Dream career?

[*Flabbergasted face*] I'm currently in the middle of the classic, mid-college identity crisis. Hopefully something that makes me happy..and some money. That's all I got for you. I promise, I don't lack ambition...


People have nicknamed you "Mom." Can explain and/or touch on how that makes you feel?

Yes. First of all, I think it's funny that both my friend groups at college and at home adopted the name; neither prompted the other. So...clearly it's very fitting. And clearly, I haven't changed all that much in college. Anyways, I'm okay with it. I guess I'm just always the one who's looking out for the best interest of the group as a whole. I guess, in college, it comes from the fact that I'm the one who bakes the banana bread and remembers birthdays. I'm also the one who has the band aid when you need it (...figuratively and literally).


How would you categorize your style?

On a good day: put together, but also relaxed. Other than that, I don't know. I love neutral colors. When in doubt, I go with black. I've always had an interest in fashion. Also, I'm very easily inspired by other people (but in a way that has helped me to define my own unique look). I'm very inspired by my surrounding environment as well.


Favorite clothing store(s)?

Topshop, Urban (Outfitters), Anthropologie, Zara, etc.


You like to wear fake glasses. Why is that?

I like the look of them, but I don't need actual glasses. They make me fee cooler than I am. But maybe I do need real ones...I should go to the eye doctor soon.


Baking or cooking, which do you prefer?

I love them both (but for different reasons). Cooking is very experimental, so I find you can be more creative. But I also have a wicked sweet tooth...


Favorite childhood food?

Broccoli. Forever and always. Or was I supposed to pick, like, a weird one that I don't eat anymore? Like Capri Sun's. I like those too.


Favorite pastime?

Listening to music, hanging out with my friends, reading (but I don't have much time for that), running, yoga, laughing, golfing, concerting, dancing/singing (badly), etc.


Favorite song of all time?

It changes based on the day. Robbers (by the 1975) is at least in the top five. But again, it's always changing.


Do you want kids? Do you like kids?

Yes, but not now. I like kids. I want to have a big family. I've grown up with a huge extended family and I want the same for my kids. So I either have to marry someone with lots of siblings or have lots of kids in order to create my own big family -- because you don't like kids [referencing me]. Again, this is in the very distant future. I'm only nineteen, after all.


Favorite scent? 

The smell of Christmas. I don't want everything to smell like that all the time though, but Christmas has to smell like Christmas. It's nostalgic. Other than that, the volcano candle from Anthropologie.


Favorite flower?



What makes you smile on a daily basis?

Everything. Nothing specific. something funny that a friend says, or walking by a cute little kid, or hearing my favorite songs. Just different moments. I'd like to say I'm a pretty happy person. That guy has a muffin over there. His muffin is making me smile. I'd be smiling more if that muffin was in front of me.