A blog dedicated to CURIosity, Introspection, & authentic living.

Written by an overwrought yet eager and inspired gal with lots on her mind and in her medicine cabinet. 

I’ve spent much of my life holding back. Not jumping, talking, smiling, tasting—not saying yes. We're at a crossroads in today’s day and age. Contemporarily, it’s painfully customary to simply sit back—to hold oneself back—and suck up society’s ideas/messages/ideals through the straw that is our current media and technological landscape.

We read. We swipe. We gaze. We are flooded—engulfed. And we are influenced.

But, first, do we ponder? Question? Challenge?

That’s why I’m here—or rather, why you are here. This blog is about thinking for oneself. About living authentically.

Yes, this is just another blog—another piece of the puzzle that is our current media and technological landscape. But my hope is that it is more than just another breeding ground for digital disassociation. Its goal isn’t to persuade or to prove—to imprint or indoctrinate. It is not meant to make you feel like you’re doing life wrong.

I’m here with you, asking you to join me in taking a stand. No more letting others do our thinking for us.

Think freely. Doubt often. Imagine boundlessly. Lib a little.